James Knox

James Knox is a corrective exercise specialist who has trained athletes in the NFL and NBA as well as elite athletes in tennis, golf and equestrianism. He is skilled in responding to the needs and abilities of each individual, and has worked with people of all ages, from youth to seniors, for both wellness and performance.

A graduate of The Ohio State University, Knox has worked with world renowned strength & conditioning coaches, holistic & lifestyle coaches and bodywork specialists. He is a holistic lifestyle coach at the C.H.E.K Institute, and is currently studying to become an international osteopath with a focus on personal and athletic optimization and wellness under renowned French osteopath Guy Voyer.

“My mission has always been to help as many people I can and create positive change in their lives,” Knox says. “The moment I met Guy, he unlocked my potential to help each and every person I encounter. With my patience, focus, attention to detail and ‘all-in’ personality, my clients realize I am 100% invested in their goals and well-being.”