Soma Therapy

Soma Therapy is an osteopathic manual technique that stretches and normalizes fluid flow in the fascia and other connective tissue, such as ligaments and tendons. Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds all our muscles, organs, glands and bones. The fasciae are connected throughout the body, and patients who undergo treatment with Soma Therapy techniques such as pumping, fascia normalization and transverse tendonous and ligamentous stretching (TTLS) often gain health benefits throughout the body.  Space and Flow are the two most fundamental principles of health, resilience and performance. Soma Therapy teaches how to intelligently create space and flow in all systems.

If you’re a health-and-wellness practitioner, explore the opportunity to build your knowledge through the Soma Therapy program. Learn to use the groundbreaking osteopathic techniques developed by Guy Voyer, DO, to help your patients and clients suffering from problems of the joints, muscles or viscera.

Soma Therapy Year One

Soma Therapy Year One covers pumping and kicks off November 22-24, 2019, with Pumping of the Lower Limb. It continues with Pumping of the Upper Limb January 24-26, 2020, and concludes with Pumping of the Trunk and Pelvis May 1-5, 2020. Registration is open for the entire level or individual courses.